Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to provide our students with educational experiences which give them a sound basis for professional practice, advanced education, active citizenship, and lifelong learning. At its core is the goal that students learn the fundamental principles of electrical and computer engineering and master engineering methods to solve challenging and diverse problems. Further, the department strives to have each student develop the leadership and communications skills necessary to relate these solutions to both technical and non-technical communities. The faculty is dedicated to accomplishing this mission through the integration of teaching and research.


July 17, 2014
Professor Usman Khan and student M. Doostmohammadian are featured on the cover of the August edition of the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing for their publication of "Graphic-theoretic distributed inference in social networks".

July 1, 2014
Professor Usman Khan has been invited to serve on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

June 11, 2014
Associate Professor Tom Vandervelde has been elevated to the rank of Senior Member of the Optical Society of America.

June 11, 2014
Associate Professor Mai Vu from the Tufts Electrical and Computer Engineering Department was awarded a grant from the Office of Naval Research to support her work in robust and reliable multi-user wireless communication systems. This project specifically focused on communications in complex environments where there are strict priorities concerning . . . more