Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering

Possible Electives for the Electrical Engineering Program (June 2007)

(a) Introductory Science Courses

  • Ast 21 Galaxies and the Universe
  • Ast 22 Stellar Astrophysics
  • Phy 13 General Physics III
  • Phy 31 Wave Motion
  • Chm 2 Structural Chemical Principles
  • Bio 1 Introduction to Biology
  • Bio 13 Cells and Organisms
  • EOS 1 Introduction to Geology
  • EOS 2 Environmental Geology
  • EOS 5 Introduction to Oceanography

(b) 2 Elective Foundation Courses from the Following Groups

  • Introductory Science Courses (a)
  • A science course with a prerequisite from the list of the Introductory Science Courses
  • Mathematics beyond Math 38 (Math 161 and Math 22 are recommended)
  • ES 56 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  • COMP 15 Data Structures
  • ES 5 Applied Mechanics (Statics)
  • ES 6 Applied Mechanics (Dynamics)
  • ES 7 Thermodynamics
  • ES 8 Fluid Mechanics
  • ES 9 Applied Mechanics (Strength of Materials)
  • ES 101 Numerical Methods
  • Phy 31 Wave Motion
  • Phy 32 Intermediate Mechanics
  • Phy 52 Thermal Physics
  • ME 37 Dynamics and Vibrations
  • ME 150 Applied Mathematics for Engineers

(c) 4 Department Concentration Courses

  • One COMP SCI course beyond COMP 15
  • Any EE course
  • One elective may be chosen from: Engineering, Engineering Science, Mathematics or the Natural Sciences at the upper level

(d) Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Requirements:

Courses selected must include a minimum of one credit each in the areas of humanities and social sciences. In addition, at least two courses must be taken in the same department. For the list of acceptable courses, see the section on the distribution requirement – humanities, social sciences, and arts – in the bulletin under College of Liberal Arts information. In addition to courses fulfilling the humanities requirement for the College of Liberal Arts, all levels of foreign language and English are accepted for the humanities requirement. Ex-college courses are excluded, including those approved for distribution credit by the College of Liberal Arts. The student has the option to satisfy these requirements through a special minor in foreign language and culture in the areas of Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish. Contact the Department of German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literatures, or the Department of Romance Languages for details.

(e) Probability and Statistics:

Math 161 and Math 162, or ES 56, or BIO 132, or PHY 153, EE108, or EE 193-11