Minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Tufts provides hands-on educational opportunities for students interested in founding their own companies or working in entrepreneurial environments. The program strives to engage students in the ever-changing world of new business ventures and teaches them to develop innovative, real-world solutions to business challenges.

The program attracts top faculty and develops industry partnerships. Through our rigorous curriculum and connections to alumni in business and industry, the program strives to benefit both students and the corporate community. With access to outstanding teachers, intensive coursework, lectures, internships, and real-world business networks, our students develop the advanced knowledge they need to become the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

Students are required to take four courses plus one elective course from the lists below. All courses must be taken for a grade. Students will attend lectures, discuss relevant issues with guests from the real world, complete homework assignments, take tests, participate in focused discussions of relevant current events, and complete a course project on a topic central to the theme of the course.

Undergraduate engineering students may not count any of these courses toward foundation and concentration requirements. A maximum of two courses may be used toward social science requirements.

After meeting the necessary requirements for the minor, students complete the minor certification form and return it to The Gordon Institute.

Required Courses

  • 101 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  • 103 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • 105 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • 107 Entrepreneurial Leadership

Elective Courses

  • 141 Social Entrepreneurship: Innovative Nonprofits
  • 193, 194 Entrepreneurial Special Topics
  • 199 Entrepreneurial Field Studies
  • American Studies 140 Innovative Non-profits
  • Economics 3 Principles of Accounting
  • Economics 6 Business Law