EE 193 — Advanced embedded systems

Welcome to Tufts EE 193-1, "Advanced embedded systems"!

T/Th 12:00-1:15pm

Week 0 (January 19)

Our first class is via Zoom; you will receive the link via email.

You don't need to do anything before class, just show up!

Introduction (Thursday 1/20)

Read the syllabus (no really, read it.)
Make sure you're signed up on Slack
Complete the welcome survey (link on Slack)

Week 1 (January 24)

We will begin meeting in person in Halligan 108.

Circuit boards and components

Using KiCAD to design a PCB

For next week

Create the schematic symbol and footprint for your part in KiCAD
HW 1: Design your breakout board schematic and lay out the board

Week 2 (January 31)

Breakout board design review


Complete your breakout board design and order it

Behind the Arduino curtain

Week 3 (February 7)

Choosing a microcontroller

Wireless communication protocols

Week 4 (February 14)

What's an RTOS?

Multithreading and mutexes


Week 5 (February 21)

Measuring and minimizing power

2/24 is a Monday schedule, no class.

Week 6 (February 28)

Techniques for measuring speed and power

Lab work day


Week 7 (March 7)

IoT communication protocols


Week 8 (March 14)

Solar power and battery management


Spring break (March 21)

Week 9 (March 28)

Project kickoff


Week 10 (April 4)

More advanced PCB design

Lab work day

Week 11 (April 11)

Design reviews

Lab work day

Purchasable BOM due
PCB design due

Week 12 (April 18)

Sensor node protocol discussion

Web dashboards

Week 13 (April 25)

Lab work day


Friday 5/6