List of projects

  1. Alireza Alizadeh, “User Association in Heterogeneous Networks”

  2. Daniel Banco, “Sampling and recovery strategies for magentic resonance imaging (MRI) data”

  3. Yunqi Cui, “Different Algorithms to Solve the Basis Pursuit Denoising Problem”

  4. Alex Hankin, “Cache management techniques for minimizing energy consumption or execution time”

  5. Mohammad Karimzadeh, “Gaussian MIMO Relay Channel”

  6. Kien Le, “Analysis of Localization Algorithms in Vehicular Communications”

  7. Rafia Malik, “Wireless powered communication for Full Duplex Decode-And-Forward Cooperative Networks”

  8. Duc-Manh Nguyen, “Optimal power flow in electrical power networks”

  9. Fakhteh Saadatniaki, “Robust Distributed Estimation”

  10. Vanja Svenda, “Optimization of voltage regulation devices usage”

  11. Ran Xin, “Distributed Gradient Descent Algorithm”

  12. Liangchun Xu, “The application of convex optimization in beamforming using antenna arrays with short dipoles”