EE194-16 – Network Information Theory

Fall 2015 – Professor Mai Vu

EE194-16 is a special topic course focusing on network information theory with application in communications. After a short review of the basics of information theory, single-user channel capacity and random coding concepts, we will cover the fundamentals of the multiple access channel, broadcast channel, channels with state, interference channel, relay channel, network coding and MIMO multiuser channels. The aim is for students to grasp the core ideas of network information theory, including key multiuser coding techniques, proof ideas and performance analysis, with emphasis on understanding the techniques and applying them in modern communications.

Students are expected to perform a research project as part of the course credit. For the project, students are encouraged to explore applications of the ideas introduced in class to modern communications as well as information theory.

Meetings: F 9:30-12:00, Halligan 209