Homework should be submitted on Gradescope or provide depending on the assignment. You can make a PDF to submit using your phone and the CamScanner app, or you can scan your homework and email it to yourself using the scanner/copier in the front office.

To use the ARM assembler tools, first extract the zip file somewhere in your Linux home directory. In this example, the files will get extracted into “ee201”:

unzip /ee/201/public_html/homework/ee201_asm.zip -d ee201

Then you can edit the file test.asm to your heart's content. To turn this into a binary listing, just run Make:


The output will be placed in test.lst. You can print this on the command line with cat:

cat test.lst

Or you can open it in your favorite editor and copy the values into your VHDL code.

To copy the whole block into your VHDL code, use Vim's visual block mode (Ctrl-V, select what you want, then y and p). I'm sure there's a way to do this with Emacs, too.