EN 1-24  —  Engineering in the Kitchen

M/W 12-1:15pm, Sophia Gordon Hall

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31 August 2020

Class starts on Wednesday, September 9. Look for more course information soon!

Once the semester starts, all communication will take place via Campuswire or email.


Date Topic Assigned Due
Sep 9 Wednesday 1 Welcome, voltage and current
Sep 14 Monday 2 Hands-on with resistance, cooking things with electricity
Sep 16 Wednesday 3 iFixit project, appliance distribution Project 1:
Sep 21 Monday 4 Using a multimeter, taking apart kitchen appliances Project 1 proposal
Sep 23 Wednesday 5 Intro to microcontrollers Project 2
Sep 28 Monday 6 More programming, using I/O Project 1
draft guide
Sep 30 Wednesday 7 Digital peripherals and protocols Project 2