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Welcome to Tufts EN 1-10, “Engineering in the Kitchen”! See the about page to learn what this course is all about. For information about other Tufts EN 1 offerings, check out the SoE First Year page.

Office hours

  • Prof Bell Mondays 10am-12pm, Thursdays 10am-12pm, SEC 223

Module 1: Circuit fundamentals

Class is at 3:00pm in Barnum 100. You don’t need to do anything before class. Just show up!

Wednesday, September 6 - Welcome and introduction

Before our next class period on Monday:
Read the learning guide
Sign up on Piazza (see email invite)
Complete welcome survey (link posted on Piazza)

Possibly helpful

Monday, September 11 - Electrical current, resistance, and power

Wednesday, September 13 - Looking at wall power, introduction to iFixit project

Just for fun

Monday, September 18 - Disassembling devices and drawing schematics

Schematic template file (Right-click to save to your computer)

Just for fun

Module 2: Programming microcontrollers

Wednesday, September 20 - Introduction to Python

Monday, September 25 - Introduction to breadboards + ESP32

Wednesday, September 27 - Switches, pullups, and event loops

Module 3: Inputs and outputs

Monday, October 3 - Appliance show & tell, state machines

Wednesday, October 5 - Capacitive touch

Monday, October 9

No class, Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Wednesday, October 11 - Sensing stuff by measuring voltages

Monday, October 16 - Controlling outputs with PWM

Wednesday, October 18 - Audio and sound

Monday, October 23 - Microwave demo day

Wednesday, October 25 - Pumpkin planning day

Monday, October 30 - Pumpkin carving + demo day

Haunted house pumpkin demo day in Nolop, 4:30-5:30pm

Module 4: Internet of Things

Wednesday, November 1 - MAC addresses, IP addresses, and how the internet works

Monday, November 6 - Grabbing web pages and API data

Wednesday, November 9 - Passing data around with MQTT

Monday, November 13 - Plotting data

Wednesday, November 15

No class

Monday, November 20 - What is cooking for?

Wednesday, November 22

No class, enjoy your break!

Monday, November 27 - Building a web server, part 1

Wednesday, November 29 - Building a web server, part 2

Module 5: Fun topic smorgasbord

Monday, December 4 - Semiconductors and PN junctions

Wednesday, December 6 - LEDs and transistors

Tuesday, December 19

Final project showcase, in JCC 260 3:30-5:30pm (during final exam slot, I+ block)