Project 3: Interactive pumpkins

In this project, you’ll design and construct an interactive pumpkin for the annual Nolop Haunted House using the techniques and materials you’ve learned about so far in the course. “Interactive” means that your pumpkin should sense something and respond in some way, allowing visitors to interact with it. “Pumpkin” means that you should make use of some or all of your pumpkin. It need not remain in one piece.


I will provide a pumpkin for each team. If you’d prefer something special (a particular shape or feature, or several little ones instead of a big one), let me know right away.

We have the following items available for you to use:

  • The inputs we’ve already worked with (pushbuttons, capacitive touch pads, photoresistors)
  • The outputs we’ve already worked with (LEDs, OLED display)
  • Micro servos (stall torque of 1.8kg-cm)

I also have the following items in very limited quantities.

Finally, you can also aquire stuff on your own from the Nolop store, local hardware or hobby stores, or online.