Project 4: Logging and analyzing data

Due dates

  • Wednesday 11/9, at class time: Proposal due via email (earlier is great!)
  • Monday 11/16, at class time: Preliminary graph/data shared on OneDrive
  • Wednesday 11/18, at class time: Draft writeup shared on OneDrive
  • Sunday 11/20 11:59pm: Final writeup on OneDrive (so I have time to review before class)

Project proposal

One team member should send a 2-3 sentence email to Prof. Bell explaining what you want to do.

Your project must:

  • Use the ESP32 to log data from a sensor over time
  • Use more than one data stream
  • Try to answer some question, preferably about food, cooking, or kitchen devices

See the collaborative ideas document for ideas to get your thinking going.

How to use various components

Smart plugs

  1. Email me the part of the MAC address written on your smart plug
  2. I will give you the full MAC address, and you can then register it on the network just like your ESP32
  3. Connect the smart plug to the wall and plug in your device
  4. Make sure the device is receiving power (you’ll probably need to press the power button on the plug)
  5. Data should now be streaming to the MQTT logging server

MAX6675/MAX31855 thermocouple

You’ll need to copy a small library to the ESP32: - MAX6675 thermocouple

See the example in the textbook for how to use it: - MAX6675 thermocouple example

Going in the freezer

The DHT11 and MAX6675 both have a minimum temperature of 0C, so we have some alternative sensors if you need to measure temperatures in a freezer. The DHT22 is almost identical to the DHT11, but works down to -40C. The MAX31855 works like the MAX6675 but operates down to -270C (which should be good enough for any freezer you can find on campus!).

Project writeup

See this page for information about the writeup for this project.