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Section 1.10 Cheatsheet

This page collects all of the tricks and bits of starter code that are useful for writing the book. emphasized text

Subsection 1.10.1 LaTeX

Here is an equation:

\begin{equation*} F = k\frac{q_1 q_2}{r^2} \end{equation*}

where \(F\) is the force between the two particles \(q_1\) is the charge of the first particle, \(q_2\) is the charge of the second particle, and \(r\) is the distance between them.

Here is a circuit drawn with circuitikz:

A pile of electronic components wired together
Figure 1.10.1. TikZ schematic

Checkpoint 1.10.2.

Which way will the charge go?


Well, if the beast on the east beach were hungry...

Checkpoint 1.10.3. Fill-In, String and Number Answers.

3 + 2 =

Figure 1.10.4. Behold the circuit