Welcome to ES 4!

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This is the home page for ES 4. Details on the Fall 2021 offering of the course are on the about page.

Content from Spring 2021

Content below this point has been copied from the Spring 2021 iteration of the course. I've left it here so you can see where the course is going, but things may be rearranged somewhat.

Latches and flip-flops

Read Harris 3.1-3.3



Free-form VHDL simulation

Possibly helpful

From D-latch to D-flip-flop (Ben Eater) (This is a different way to build a D flip-flop than what the book describes, which might help you better understand what it does.)

Just for fun

Week 7 (March 15)

Structural modeling

Describing sequential logic with VHDL

Read Harris 4.4-4.5

Sequential building blocks

Read Harris 5.4
How does a PS/2 keyboard work? (Ben Eater) (Watch the first half to see a cool use of a shift register)


No new lab this week; complete lab 4 if you haven't finished.


Start Homework 5 (due 4/5 via VHDLweb)
Complete mid-semester feedback survey (link on Campuswire, due 3/22)

Possibly useful

Week 8 (March 22)

Spring break week

Week 9 (March 29)

State machines

Read Harris 3.4, 4.6



Optional lab stuff

Possibly useful

Introduction to state machines (Intermation) Detailed explanation of what "state" is, with a walkthrough of the traffic light example from start to finish.

Week 10 (April 5)

Timing sequential logic

Read Harris 3.5


Complete project team survey (link on Campuswire)

Possibly helpful

Just for fun

Week 11 (April 12)

Memory: registers, RAM, and ROM

Read Harris 5.5

(Optional) Digital peripherals and protocols

Read Harris 9.1-


Possibly helpful


Pick one of the following three labs to complete. You probably want to coordinate with your project team so you collectively cover them all.

Week 12 (April 19)

The ARM instruction set

Read Harris 6.1-6.4


Week 13 (April 26)

Components of a microprocessor

Read Harris 7.1-7.3.1

How a microprocessor executes code

Read Harris 7.3.2-7.3.4


Finish lab 6 if you haven't yet; no report.

The lab will be open during regular lab hours for project work.


Start Assessment 2 (due 5/11 via Gradescope)

No quiz this week!

Week 14 (May 3)


Only Monday recitations meet this week


Work on final projects

Final project demos

Final project demo day, May 11 3:30-5:30pm