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Grad Student Corey Shemelya Named Optics Superhero

January 5, 2011

Corey Shemelya, a doctoral student in Assistant Professor Tom Vandervelde's REAP lab, was named an "optics superhero" by Edmund Optics (EO). Selected from more than 250 applicants, Shemelya secured third place and a $5,000 grant to support his research.

Shemelya is working on the development of optical tools for the evaluation of materials used in photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic power generation. The tools will support his research into material selection and processing for the fabrication of these two different device structures. While concentrating photovoltaic cells should achieve conversion efficiencies of over 50%, which is a significant improvement, the thermophotovoltaic cells could be used to improve the energy efficiency of any device by harvesting waste heat.

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Corey Shemelya receives his award from Kirsten Bjork-Jones, Director Global Marketing Communications for Edmund Optics.