Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Laboratory

High-Frequency Materials Measurement and Information Center

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The Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves Laboratory was founded in 1987 at Tufts University's Department of Electrical Engineering. The laboratory's fundamental mission is to apply advanced technology and science to develop millimeter and submillimeter wave elements and state of the art measurement techniques for precision measurement of electromagnetic properties of electronic and magnetic materials at these frequencies.

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There is hardly any information available on material properties at these frequencies. These frequencies are difficult to reach from guided microwave instrumentation as well as free space optical instrumentation. We have designed and implemented state of the art instrumentation by extending guided wave techniques into shorter wavelengths and optical techniques into longer wavelengths.

Our facility is the only facility in the world to provide data as a continuous function of frequency for electromagnetic quantities such as dielectric permittivity and loss tangent, transmission and reflection properties, refractive index and absorption coefficients, at room temperature, low (cryogenic) and elevated (higher) temperatures for various electronic materials at microwave, millimeter wave and submillimeter wave frequencies.

We can measure complex magnetic permeability properties of magnetic (ferrite) materials accurately at these frequencies by employing several instrumentation. Each instrumentation also employs very high intensity magnetic field (tens of thousands of Gauss) to separate out electrical and magnetic properties effectively.

The use of higher intensity magnetic field is additionally useful to study impurity characterization and band gap of semi-conductors as well as spin effect studies of new high temperature super conducting materials. It is essential to have accurate data on the above mentioned electromagnetic properties for the fabrication of electronic devices and components at these three decades of frequencies.