Setting Up Your Linux Environment


1.     Open your terminal window on Linux PC.

2.     To set up your environment of cadence, use text editor. Type the

following at the command prompt (prompt is shown as $)

$ gedit .cshrc

See below.


3. In the .cshrc file, please include the following statements: 


alias cadence /usr/cots/cadence/6.x/local/cadence.csh

At this time you will have to type source .cshrc at the command prompt in your terminal. You do not have to do this every time you start cadence.


3.     Making your working directory for your class

$ mkdir ee103

      $  cd ee103

4.     Start cadence by running the following script.

$ cadence &

A Command Interpreter Window (CIW) and a Library Manager Window appears after a Cadence splash window as follows:   



Congrats! You are into cadence. Next step is to create a library with your project files.