Sameer Sonkusale, PhD University of Pennsylvania


Chung-Hee Moon (PhD UC Riverside)

Danbi Choi (PhD , POSTECH Korea)


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Yu Chen, Ph.D Candidate (MS Nanyang Technological University Singapore)
Project: Optical Sensors

Robbie D'Angelo, Ph.D. Candidate (BS Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Project: Time mode analog computation

Guoqing Fu, Ph.D Candidate (MS Univ. of Florida)
Project: CMOS Imagers, Metamaterials

Krenar Komoni, Ph.D Candidate (BS and MS, Tufts University)
Project: RF IC design

Meera Punjiya, Ph.D Candidate (BS, Harvey Mudd College)
Project: Lab-on-CMOS

Aydin Sadeqi, Ph.D Candidate (BS, Azad University, MS, Tabriz University)
Project: Active metamaterials

Wei Wang, Ph.D. Candidate (MS, UESTC China)
Project: Sensor Interface Circuits


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Andrew Bourhi

Lisa Fantini

Emily Cowell

Ryan Gill


Kyoungchul Park (PhD 2016) Avago Broadcom

Saroj Rout (PhD 2016), CEO Mixignal Innovations

Pooria Mostafalu (PhD 2015) Postdoctoral Researcher, Harvard Medical School

Shideh Kabiri Ameri (PhD 2015), Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Sam MacNaughton (PhD, 2014), Sensata Technologies

Wangren Xu (PhD, 2013), Omnivision

Wes Uy (MS, 2013), Draper Labs

Adam Panken (MS, 2013), Lincoln Laboratories

Luis Henrique (Visiting Professor, 2011-2012), Federal University of Itajuba, Brazil

Nick Marcoux (MS, 2012), Quorvo

Brian Nugent (MS, 2012), Draper Laboratories

Jian Guo (PhD, Tufts, 2011), Apple

Michael Trakimas (PhD, Tufts, 2011), International Rectifier

Sungkil Hwang (PhD, Tufts, 2010), Avago Broadaom

Ritika Agarwal (MS, Tufts, 2010), Sclumberger

Vinay Agarwal (MS, Tufts, 2008), Texas Instruments

Ashwin Duggal (MS, Tufts, 2009), Qualcomm

Krenar Komoni (MS, Tufts, 2008), PhD Student at Tufts

Anuj Agarwal (MS, Texas A&M, 2005), ?

Jon Chow (MS, Tufts, 2006), GE Sensing

Milan Dapthary (MS, Tufts, 2007), Global Prior Art

Eric Evans (MS, Tufts, 2006), OpenWave Systems

Youngbok Kim (MS, Texas A&M, 2005), Maxim IC

Zhenying Luo (MS, Tufts, 2007), Qualcomm

Wing Siu (MS, Tufts, 2007), Tyco Electronics

Nikos Stefanou (MS, Texas A&M, 2005), Avaya

Pramod Kumar Singh (Postdoc Tufts), Assistant Professor at IITRA (TBD)

Yael Zilberman (Postdoc Tufts), Postdoc at Walt Lab