Summer 2001

Harrison and Abby with their Nana and Papa (ELM's parents)

Abby, Grandma and Grandpa (MTM's dad and his wife) in Boston

Hey, why don't I have any of that food?

Abby with Aunt Leslie (ELM sister) and Uncle Sean at the air show

Lounging around on a hot summer day

Help, the elephant is on a rampage!!

A brief respite at the beach

Leslie, Sean and Harrison enjoying the sun

Grandma, grandpa, Abby and Harrison yucking it up in the kitchen

On your mark, get set, go!!

Papa and Abby at the Wood's Hole aquarium

A suspicious Harrison riding on the train

Party on dude

Leslie, Eric and Abby on a boat to Martha's Vineyard

Waiting in line to see a plane at the air show on Cape Cod

Nana, Papa and Harrison on the boat

Eric and Abby on a windblown beach