Whether it's Unmanned Aerial Vehicals like the Draganflyer pictured above, the AR Parrot, or TERPA, robots play a crucial part in the world we know today. But much has yet to be perfected for the robots in the future. That's why the SIMLAB is working hard to make the future the present.

Robotic Eye

Robotic Vision

The Human Visual System (HVS) is complex, taking in images and analyzing them almost instantaniously. But how can a robot understand what the most pertinent data is? Here autonomous systems are being developed to mimic HVS in robots.

Image Enhancement

Image Processing

What makes one picture of the exact same scene better than another? The resolution? The color? All of the above? This research looks into image enhancement in real time using an Image Processing Sensor.


Recognition Systems

Cancer cells are tangable. But in the early development, they can be difficult to find. Right now, it's almost impossible to target only cancer cells from healthy cells. Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and general Threat Objects Detections would be revolutionary in curing cancer for good using nano technologies.