Research Group

Current Members


  • Dr. Byungju Lim (PhD Korea University)

PhD Students

  • Boriana Boiadjieva (started Sept 2019 – BS Tech. U. Sofia, MS Tech. U. Darmstadt)

  • Qing Lyu (started Jan 2021 – BS Zhengzhou University, MS Tianjin University)

  • Beier Li (started Sept 2022 – BS Guizhou University, MS Tufts University)


  • Alireza Alizadeh (PhD Tufts Jan 2021 – BS Sadjad, MS Ferdowsi)
    Thesis: Load Balancing User Association and Handover in Millimeter-Wave Enabled Wireless Networks

  • Rafia Malik (PhD Tufts Dec 2019 – BE NUST Pakistan, MS Derham)
    Thesis: Wireless Power Transfer In Relay Systems And Edge Computing Networks

  • Hussain ElKotby (PhD Tufts Dec 2017 – BE/MS Port Said & Cairo Univ., Egypt)
    Thesis: Cellular Networks Performance Under User-Assisted Relaying

  • Ahmad Abu Al Haija (PhD McGill 2015 – BE/MS Jordan UST)
    Thesis: Cooperative Communication for Relay and Multiple Access Channels: Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis

  • Fanny Parzysz (PhD ETS Montreal 2015 – MS Telecom ParisTech) – co-advised with Prof. Francois Gagnon
    Thesis: A Joint Analysis of Coding Schemes and Relay Deployment for Energy Efficient Cellular Networks

  • Yao Tang (MEng McGill 2013 – BS Fudan)
    Thesis: Coding for a relay network

  • Peng Zhong (MEng McGill 2012, BS Shanghai JiaoTong)
    Thesis: Coding schemes for the two-way relay channel, Aug 2012 [pdf].

  • Zhuohua Wu (MEng McGill 2012, BS Huazhong)
    Thesis: Transmission schemes for the causal cognitive interference channel, Aug 2012 [pdf].


  • Seok-Hyun Yoon (visiting PhD student 2022, Korea University)