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*      HISPEC:  High-Precision Single Photon Counting Readout Microchip

Collaborators:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Sponsor: School of Engineering, Tufts University


The aim of this project is to develop a high precision, radiation-hardened, single photon counting readout microcircuit, leveraging state-of-the-art commercial integrated circuit design technology, with the capability of full integration with large format, focal plane arrays used in remote sensing systems. Single photon
counting, infrared sensors have several advantages in terms of higher efficiency and improved resolution, enabling significant improvements in the observation of lunar surfaces. Limiting range measurements to one detected photon per pixel allows system developers to employ low energy lasers and smaller telescopes, yielding major reductions in weight, cost and prime power for space missions. A key enabling technology to the realization of cost-effective, high performance remote imaging systems is readout electronic circuitry implementing pixel-level signal processing and providing high-precision timing measurement of photon arrival on a single integrated silicon chip. Under this effort, we will exploit the device scaling features and hybrid integration capabilities of CMOS technology to implement large format, focal plane array readout electronics with a higher degree of functionality, scalability,
integration and radiation tolerance.