EN 1-24  —  Engineering in the Kitchen

M/W 12-1:15pm, Sophia Gordon Hall

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Office hours

  • Joe: Tuesday 12:00-1:30pm, SEC atrium and Zoom

  • Melissa: Tuesday 6:30-8pm, SEC atrium and Zoom

  • Mels: Thursday 12:30-2pm, Halligan upstairs kitchen and Zoom

  • Youssef: Friday 6-7:30pm, via Zoom only

  • Prof. Bell: Monday 2-4pm Halligan 228E, Wednesday 2-3pm (walking OH)

Zoom link for office hours is on Canvas. Any deviations from this schedule will be posted on Campuswire.


Date Topic Assigned Due
Sep 9 Wednesday 1 Welcome, voltage and current
Sep 14 Monday 2 Hands-on with resistance, cooking things with electricity
Sep 16 Wednesday 3 iFixit project, appliance distribution Project 1:
Sep 21 Monday 4 Using a multimeter, taking apart kitchen appliances Project 1 proposal
Sep 23 Wednesday 5 Drawing schematics
Sep 28 Monday 6 Intro to microcontrollers
Project 2 Project 1
draft guide
Sep 30 Wednesday 7 Digital peripherals and protocols
(OLED example, Capacitive touch example)
Project 2
Oct 5 Monday 8 Project 1 show-and-tell
Oct 7 Wednesday 9 State machine group exercise Quiz 1
Oct 12 Monday 10 Microwave control panel show-and-tell Quiz 1
Oct 14 Wednesday 11 Sensors, part 1
(ADC photoresistor example)
Oct 19 Monday 12 Sensors, part 2
(DHT11 example, MAX6675 thermocouple library, Thermocouple example)
Oct 21 Wednesday 13 MAC addresses, IP addresses, and the Internet (Code to get MAC) Project 3
Oct 26 Monday 14 Datalogging over the Internet (Request example, MQTT example)
Oct 28 Wednesday 15 Processing and plotting data (Plotting notebook, Writing CSV data, Loading CSV data)
Nov 16 Monday 20 Building a web server (main.html, webserver.py, Graphics examples, MQTT listener for ESP32) Final project
Nov 18 Wednesday 21 Social & ethical implications of IoT (slides)
Nov 23 Monday 22 Sensor response + frequency domain (Hot/cold response simulation, Noise filtering)
Nov 30 Monday 23 What happens inside a microwave
Dec 2 Wednesday 24 Semiconductors: Diodes, Transistors, light dimmers, and more
Dec 7 Monday 25 Self-refreshing HTML page
Sending values to server (server code, HTML home, HTML response)