Project 3: Logging and analyzing data

Due dates

  • Friday 10/23, 5pm: Proposal, email to Prof. Bell

  • Monday 11/2 11:59pm: Writeup, submitted on Canvas

Project proposal

Send a 2-3 sentence email to Prof. Bell explaining what you want to do.

Your project must:

  • Use the ESP32 to log data from a sensor over time

  • Use more than one data stream

  • Try to answer some question, preferably about food, cooking, or kitchen devices

For ideas, reference our collaborative brainstorming document.

Useful links

See the ESP32 page for links to the libraries you'll need.

Project writeup

Your project writeup should be a PDF file with contains the following:

  • A brief description of what you're trying to measure, and what questions you hope to answer with your measurements.

  • An explanation of your experimental setup. Photographs, diagrams, and schematics help immensely here; paragraphs of flowery English generally do not. Your goal is to communicate enough that another student team could read what you've written and reproduce your results.

  • One or more figures showing the data you collected. These should be created with Python/Matplotlib. Make sure to label your axes, use reasonable units, and use a legend where appropriate.

  • A discussion of your observations and what you learned from the data. These needn't be hard scientific conclusions, but do explain what you can infer from the data and discuss anything you found surprising or noteworthy. Did your measurements match your expectations?

  • An evaluation of your experimental setup. If you had it to do over again, would you change anything? Are there different sensors or other items we should try to purchase for next year's students?

  • Your code files attached to the end. Please include both your data-capture code (on the ESP32) and your processing/plotting code (on your computer). Remember to use a monospace font!

You don't need to include your raw data.