Douglas Preis, B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., Ph.D

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty member since 1978.

Contact Information
Mail:  E.E.C.S. Department
Halligan Hall, Room 222
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155 U.S.A
Telephone: (617) 627-2492
(617) 627-3217

Courses of instruction: Digital Signal Processing I, II
Audio Engineering
Mathematics of Linear Systems
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I, II
Circuit Theory
Current research:Signal Analysis
Electromagnetics of Microcircuits
System Theory and Modeling
Magnetic recording
Digital Signal Processing
Time-frequency Analysis
Audio Engineering
Professional Society:The Audio Engineering Society
Member and Fellow
Technical Review Board Member

Publications, Technical Reports, Presentations: Approximately 145