Eric Miller Late 2006

Eric Miller
Professor and Chair of 
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Tufts University
Medford MA 02155

Office: 216 Halligan Hall
tel: 617-627-0835
fax: 617-627-3220

SB, 1990, EECS, MIT
SM, 1992, EECS, MIT
PhD, 1994, EECS, MIT



Lab for Imaging Science Research (LaISR)


Education Professional


Research Interests and Activities

The research in our group is focused on the development and analysis of signal and image processing algorithms for solving what are known as inverse problems. Examples of such problems can be found in fields ranging from image restoration and medical imaging to geophysical exploration and non-destructive testing. Many of the problems in which we are interested are closely related to some underlying physical process such as wave propagation or heat diffusion and our algorithms are designed to incorporate in some reasonable way, the appropriate mathematical models (i.e. the wave equation, the Helmholtz equation, the diffusion equation, etc.)

If you wish to learn more about our recent research efforts, feel free to browse the home page of the Lab for Imaging Science Research (LaISR) or examine the collection of our journal preprints and conference publication


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Professional Activities

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