EE 193-03 (HIP)  —  Imaging systems: from photons to bits and back

Welcome to EE 193-03!

Cameras and displays may seem straightforward, but it takes an amazing amount of engineering to go from light striking a camera lens to an image on a screen  —  and every bit of it is based on peculiarites of the human visual system. We begin our journey by studying the fascinating abilities (and surprising inabilities) of human eyeballs and brains alongside the fundamentals of light and color. Then we enter the lens of a camera and travel down the image processing pipeline, discussing how pixels are created, processed, and compressed. Finally, we explore systems for transmitting and displaying images on screens of all kinds. Based on this foundation, we conclude with a survey of cutting edge topics in imaging, including computational cameras, image forensics, and virtual reality.


28 August 2019

Class starts on Tuesday, September 3 at 1:30pm, in Anderson 312. I look forward to seeing you there!

Course schedule

Date Topic Assignments Readings
Sep 03 Tuesday 1 Welcome and introduction, eyeball anatomy and image formation Johnson ch. 14, Shevell 2.4-2.6
Sep 05 Thursday 2 Image formation with lenses: aperture and focus Johnson ch. 2-7, 11, appendix J
Sep 10 Tuesday 3 Light and dark, measuring brightness (blackboard notes) Shevell 2.2, 2.8
Sep 12 Thursday 4 Image representation, manipulating image data with MATLAB
Sep 17 Tuesday 5 Human color perception, color matching Homework 1 due
DS340 datasheet
Johnson ch. 15, appendix F
Sep 19 Thursday 6 (Re)producing color with displays Shevell ch. 8
Sep 24 Tuesday 7 Color spaces (Demo) Berns ch. 2, appendix
Sep 26 Thursday 8 Speed and motion
Oct 01 Tuesday 9 Guest lecture: Image sensor hardware Homework 2 due
Starter code
Oct 03 Thursday 10 Image quality metrics and tradeoffs Johnson ch. 17
Oct 08 Tuesday 11 Making pretty images from raw sensor data, part 1 Lukac ch. 3
Oct 10 Thursday 12 Making pretty images from raw sensor data, part 2 (Paper discussion)
Oct 15 Tuesday No class – Monday schedule due to holiday
Oct 17 Thursday 13 Autofocus, autoexposure, and auto-white-balance Homework 3 due
Starter code
Lukac ch. 10
Oct 22 Tuesday 14 More on 3A Project proposals due
Oct 24 Thursday 15 Image storage and compression
Oct 29 Tuesday 16 Video compression and transmission
Oct 31 Thursday 17 Tradeoffs and how to break them Homework 4 due
(Starter code,
Color chart data)
Nov 05 Tuesday 18 Review for exam (Formula sheet)
Nov 07 Thursday 18 In-class exam
Nov 12 Tuesday 19 High-dynamic range imaging and tonemapping
Nov 14 Thursday 20 Deblurring and video stabilization
Nov 19 Tuesday 21 Light field concepts Progress reports due
Nov 21 Thursday 22 Guest lecture from Lumii
Nov 26 Tuesday 23 Light field cameras and displays Cross-team review due
Nov 28 Thursday No class – Thanksgiving break
Dec 03 Tuesday 24 Human depth perception
Dec 05 Thursday 25 Virtual and augmented reality Exam make-up HW,
Data file
Dec 16 Monday Final presentations, 3:30-5:30pm Final project reports and code due