Using Modelsim

Modelsim tutorial (PDF)

There are three ways to get access to Modelsim:

  • Install the free student edition on your computer

  • Use the Linux machines in Halligan

  • Use SSH to remotely access a Linux server

Modelsim PE Student Edition

Mentor provides a student edition of Modelsim which you can download here. It is a fairly large install (several GB).

Linux machines / remote access

Either log into one of the Linux machines with your EECS username/password, or SSH into the homework cluster with X11 forwarding.

The first time you try to use Modelsim, you'll need to fix the installation to work on newer versions of RedHat Linux:

cd ~
tar -xvf /ee/201/modelsim_fix.tar

Once you've done this, you should be able to run modelsim:

use modelsim

A crusty-looking window should pop up after a few seconds. You're ready to write some VHDL!